Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo )

9 Books Every Coach and Influencer Must Read

9 Books Every Coach and Influencer Must Read

Are you a coach or teacher? Are you an “influencer”? Do you have kids? Do you value helping others to get results? If so, you and I have that in common.  In my quest to be world-class at what I do, I have read hundreds of books… and not all of them were created equal. In this episode, I break down 9 of the most impactful books that have helped me become a better coach. I also breakdown what it takes to be a world-class coach, and my system for how to continuously improve. Time Stamps: (1:22) Preface for today's episode (6:00) My high-performance targets (14:28) 9 books every coach and influencer must read   Grab the Influencer Book List, at sportsmotivationpodcast.com/coach   Sign up for the Killer Instinct program, at Imnotyou.com/KI

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