Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo )

How to be more savage and ruthless

How to be more savage and ruthless

Most people are soft. They lack courage, and hesitate to ask for (yet alone, demand) what they want.  I do not wish that for you. I want you to be more savage and ruthless towards life, and create a reputation and standard for yourself that says “I know who I am and what I want. I get what I want from life, and I refuse to be stopped.” In order to create that mindset and standard of action, you must work at it. Humans will default towards cowering under pressure unless held to a rigid code of ethics. In this episode, I break down 4 game-changing habits that will lead to a more savage and ruthless attitude and mindset.  Time Stamps: (1:22) This episode is for the "sweethearts" (5:33) What it means to be "savage" and "ruthless" (6:30) Step 1: Clarify your high STANDARDS (10:26) Step 2: Give your goals PERSPECTIVE (13:01) Step 3: Expose yourself to HARSH REALITIES (15:30) Step 4: Run towards CONFLICT   Sign up for the Killer Instinct program at Imnotyou.com/KI   To access the Savage and Ruthless Cheat Sheet, visit sportsmotivationpodcast.com/savage

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