Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo )

How to feel like a success every day

How to feel like a success every day

Michael Jordan once said about Kobe Braynt “He’s just as cursed as I am.” The curse MJ was talking about was the constant desire to dominate, win and improve, at virtually any cost.  You’ve decided what you want, and you are afflicted with the same desire to win, dominate, and master your craft. The problem that comes up is the incessant feeling that you are not doing enough. You’re not making progress fast enough. Things could be better.  What do you do with this feeling? How can you feel like a success every day, instead of constantly feeling like you're losing? In this episode, I break it down. Time Stamps: (1:22) Preface to today's episode (4:44) Step 1: Embrace the fact that you are competitive (5:49) Step 2: Define success at every level (12:03) Step 3: Accumulate control-wins (15:56) Step 4: Create feedback loops Imnotyou.com/KI

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