Sticks and Taps - Season 1 - Episode 13

Sticks and Taps - Season 1 - Episode 13

Hockey talk and a bit of the Irish craic with NHL Historian/Author Liam Maguire and Go Hockey Media's Paul C. Cuthbert. Step up to the bar and let's talk some hockey! It's time for Sticks and Taps.Episode 13 - Today the boys open things up reminiscing about visits to Ireland before Liam details the story of the Doug Harvey-Red Sullivan feud in 56'-57' that got serious and violent enough, leading to an emergency situation in a New York hospital with one of the players being administered last rites. Listen as Liam takes their relationship on a 30 year journey and the background of one of the most violent acts rarely ever reported in NHL history. Sticks and Taps Irish Song of the Week - The lads wrap things up with a special remembrance song titled "The Foggy Dew" performed by The Clancy Brothers in honor of the men who marched, fought and in some cases died, during the Easter rebellion of 1916, which began on Monday April 24, 1916, 104 years ago tomorrow.Stay healthy! Get it in to ya! Gidday! Slàinte!

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