Sticks and Taps - Season 1 - Episode 9

Sticks and Taps - Season 1 - Episode 9

Hockey talk and a bit of the Irish craic with NHL Historian/Author Liam Maguire and Go Hockey Media's Paul C. Cuthbert. Step up to the bar and let's talk some hockey! It's time for Sticks and Taps.Episode 9.Today the lads check in at a safe distance as the quarantine of the world continues. The guys open up with how their keeping up, chat about Liam's new video blogging and Liam fills us in on what he's currently working on with former NHL'er Tony McKegney before telling us the "Sticks and Taps NHL Story of the Week."Is there a night that is regarded as the most violent in NHL history? Certainly several of the most noteworthy bench clearing brawls would be at or near the top of anybody's list. How about for one man only? On Saturday night November 23, 1929 the legend of Eddie Shore went to new heights. On today's show hear about his five altercations in a game against the Montreal Maroons who set out to put Shore in the hospital. Mayhem on ice is how the headline read the next day. Listen to Liam give the details of that blood filled night. Sticks and Taps Irish Song of the Week - Liam introduces us to "The Holy Ground."The Holy Ground has it's origin as a sea shanty song sung by the sailors as they came and went through the port of Cobh ( Cove) in the 1800's. It's raucous and ribald with an infectious chorus and a great history of those men who lived on the sea coming in for their respite of ale and women. Was the Holy Ground referencing the island of Ireland...….or a specific area of Cobh where the women were plentiful and available...….for a price? You listen and decide. Thank you for listening. Slainte!

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