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“It’s Time To Come Home Now”: Stalking Kate Romero

“It’s Time To Come Home Now”: Stalking Kate Romero

Kate Romero was stalked by her ex-husband for over forty years.At seventeen, Kate marries an older man who offers her an escape from her troubled life. He begins to physically and sexually assault her, telling her, “If you ever escape me or tell anyone what I did, I will hunt you for the rest of my life and I will kill you.”Kate flees him but he continues to stalk her throughout her new relationships, marriages, and motherhood for the next four decades until she finally gets her day in court.Therapist and Mental Health Blogger, Roz Hedayatian will also be sharing some tips on how to cope if you are being stalked.Please take action and donate to the movement of racial equality by visiting www.blacklivesmatter.comDownload Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.If you enjoy Strictly Stalking and the work that we're doing to draw attention to this important issue, please leave us a review in iTunes!

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