Tacko Fall: 5 Year Plan, Jayson Tatum & 7'6" LIFESTYLE!

Tacko Fall: 5 Year Plan, Jayson Tatum & 7'6" LIFESTYLE!

Wow I never thought we'd get TACKO FALL on the Jordan McCabe podcast, but here we are. Tacko hopped on to talk about everything that's been going on in his life. That's really my guy forreal though. Kicked it off by catching up on things and then they really got into it. Tacko was talking about how great of a coach Brad Stevens is. That's my kinda coach. The 7'6" legend also opened up on Jayson Tatum. He got into just how incredible he is and how great of a teammate he is. It's always cool to hear stories on Tatum since he can be kind've quiet. Tacko also gave Jordan his 5 year plan and just told him how much he loves basketball. We know he's gonna do amazing things as he keeps going with the Celtics and beyond. Tacko's always had a passion to help people from where he's from, and I know he's going to really help the world! Bless Tacko.

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