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Supergirl Radio Season 5.5 - Supergirl Podcasters Roundtable

Supergirl Radio Season 5.5 - Supergirl Podcasters Roundtable

In this episode of Supergirl Radio, Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson are joined by Cycles and Vv from Supergirl's Attic, Erin and Shelley from Pod Off Course: A Supergirl Podcast, and Justina and John AKA The Green Butterfly and The Silver Vox of Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast for their first-ever Supergirl podcasters roundtable! Links: DC Fandome Supergirl Season 5 Blu-ray and DVD Release Date Fan Podcasting: The Complete Guide Like Father, Like Daughter Kickstarter DC TV Podcasts Fundraiser on June 20 You can find Supergirl Radio on: Social Media: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts – Stitcher Radio – DC TV Podcasts - Google Play - Spotify Playlist - iHeartRadio Contact:  Support: TeePublic

Duration: 1 hr 38 min

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