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Supergirl Radio Season 5.5 - #WilliamIsComet

Supergirl Radio Season 5.5 - #WilliamIsComet

In this episode of Supergirl Radio, Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson announce the winner of their William Is Comet Fanfic Contest and share dramatic readings of the listener submissions! Story Credits (In Order of Performance): Author: Lindsey Title: "Stable Relationship" Performers: Morgan Glennon and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) Author: Paula (@PicsByKatieMcG) Title: "A Comet and a Super" Performer: Anne Marie DeSimone (The Fakist) Author: Anj Title: "Comet" Performer: Bill Meeks (The Fakist and Do Anything Media) Author: Brian Title: "The Streaky Protocol" Performer: Amy Hypnarowski (The Legends of Tomorrow Podcast) Author: Kjell Title: "Whatever Happened to the Horse of Tomorrow?" Performer: Michael Bailey (Fortress of Baileytude) Author: Anna Title: "I Didn't Start the Fire" Performer: Jon M. Wilson (Jon Reads Comics) Author: Chilli Title: "William Is Feeling A Little Hoarse" Performer: Dany (Gay Gals Watch) Author: Alex Title: "Untitled" Performer: Andy Behbakht (The Flash Podcast/Titans & Doom Patrol Podcast) Author: Mark Title: "Kara and William" Performer: Sarah (DCTV After Dark) Author: New Rachel Title: "The Lenses" Performer: Scott McClellan (DC Films Squadcast) Author: New Rachel Title: "Meanwhile, in the Darkest Timeline..." Performer: Trentus Magnus (Trentus Magnus Punches Reality) Author: Brandi Title: "Untitled" Performer: Bobby Hawke (The Fakist) Author: Danae Title: "An Unexpected Friendship"  Performer: Carly Lane (SYFY WIRE) Author: Chassycat Title: "This Wasn't the Comet He Was Looking For" Performers: Morgan Glennon (Supergirl Radio/The Legends of Tomorrow Podcast/DCTV After Dark) and Michael Lettieri  Author: Rogue Artist Jen Title: "Comet Revealed!" Performer: Teresa Jusino (Finding Felicity) Author: DANVERSCOUCH Title: "A Couch Meets a Horse" Performer: Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) Author: Lily Title: "Lasso and Work Hassles" Performer: Jon M. Wilson (Jon Reads Comics) Author: @ElektraWWF Title: "Horseboys and Aliens" Performer: @kara_querl (Strange Adventures Podcast/Watchmen Podcast) Author: BKJ Title: "Untitled" Performer: Sam Otten (Justice League Universe Podcast) Author: Abby Title: "Obsidian Horse" Performer: Breeze Riley (The Flash Podcast) Author: Alex Title: "Thanks For All The Galaxy" Performer: Cori McCreery (Supergirl Power Hour/Titans & Doom Patrol Podcast) Author: Dina Title: "Carrot Cake" Performer: Tatiana (The Flash Podcast) Author: Dustin Title: "William Is Comet" Performer: Wynn Mercere (The Fakist) Author: Ellie Title: "Untitled" Performer: Jon M. Wilson (Jon Reads Comics) Author: Stu Title: "Dey-Z AKA Comet The Super-Horse" Performer: Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) You can find Supergirl Radio on: Social Media: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram  Subscribe: Apple Podcasts – Stitcher Radio – DC TV Podcasts - Google Play - Spotify Playlist - iHeartRadio Contact:  Support: TeePublic

Duration: 1 hr 18 min

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