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Meet the Portland Police Homeless Liaison

Meet the Portland Police Homeless Liaison

Stephanie is the Portland Police Bureau's homeless liaison. This is a new position that was created in the 2018/2019 budget. Stephanie officially started in August 2019 and this is our first opportunity to sit down and talk to her about this position, what it's about and what the future holds. "Historically, law enforcement hasn't played the role of doing outreach and connecting people with resources. We as a police agency do a very good job helping people on the street get connected to resources if they're interested in getting resources. This position is important because it allows the police bureau to have somebody to respond to what are we doing as a city as a whole and as a county as a whole, and to be able to be the representative for the Portland Police Bureau and be able to have that information at the ready for things like policy changes internally or training needs." - Stephanie Herro Transcript:

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