Talking Twisted: A 'Twisted Sisters' Series Overview

Talking Twisted: A 'Twisted Sisters' Series Overview

In our premiere episode of Talking Twisted, host David Hale, 44 Blue’s SVP of Programming, chats with 44 Blue President & Co-founder and Executive Producer of ‘Twisted Sisters,’ Stephanie Drachkovitch, and Showrunner Tammy Wood. The three discuss all things Twisted, from the beginnings of the #1-rated series to how an episode gets made. This episode features stories from season one, exclusive looks at how cases are found, how Executive Producer Khloe’ Kardashian got involved and what viewers can expect from the upcoming season two. This is Talking Twisted. Have a question for the Twisted Team? Call our hotline at (818) 293-8919‬ and leave us a message, We may feature you on an upcoming episode!

Duration: 44 min

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