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Episode 004: Drones For Public Safety and Rescue in the UK with Gemma Alcock

Episode 004: Drones For Public Safety and Rescue in the UK with Gemma Alcock

Christopher Todd, your host, welcomes Gemma Alcock to today’s episode. Gemma has made a tremendous impact on the use of drones over in the UK and also in other parts of the world. She is the founder and CEO of SkyBound Rescuer, an organization that specializes in the use of drones for public safety. Gemma is also the director of air operations for Lowland Rescue, which is an organization that searches for missing people with police forces throughout the United Kingdom.   Key Takeaways: [1:43] Gemma talks about the projects she has been working on lately. [3:15] Gemma shares how she got started in drones and unmanned systems for search and rescue. [9:40] Gemma talks about her research and the initiative with SkyBound Rescuer. [12:08] The challenges of using new technologies for search and rescue. [14:15] People who know how to fly drones have to be trained in search and rescue in order to be able to participate in these kinds of operations. [16:20].What can be done besides taking the search and rescue course? [19:55] Gemma shares her point of view about the integration between the unmanned and manned aircraft systems. [23:08] Gemma talks about her participation in Drone In A Box project. [25:08] Drone In A Box: An on-demand drone response network. [27:16] Gemma and Chris talk about the ‘Drone as a First Responder’ project. [28:31] How are the pilots operating and what type of certification do they need in the UK to start a program? [32:23] Gemma talks about the certification of drone pilots in Europe. [33:30] How can drones be used in times of COVID-19? [34:30] COVID-19 has increased public acceptance for drones. [40:07] Gemma talks about the impact COVID-19 has on her current projects. [43:14] Gemma share her thoughts about the future for unmanned aircraft systems.   Mentioned in this episode: Airborne International Response Team Presented by AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation with additional support from FirstIZ and Pix4D,  AIRT is the leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting Drones For Good and Public Safety UAS. Become a member of Drone Responders for free. SkyBound Rescuer Lowland Rescue

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