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#249: Don't Let This Crisis Go To Waste | Roshi Joan Halifax

#249: Don't Let This Crisis Go To Waste | Roshi Joan Halifax

Roshi Joan Halifax is definitely not arguing the pandemic is a good thing, but she also believes we shouldn't let this crisis go to waste. It's a wake-up call, she says - a chance for us to really take a beat and ask ourselves what actually matters, both individually and as a culture. Roshi Joan Halifax is a buddhist teacher, zen priest, anthropologist, and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care. She is founder, abbot, and head teacher of Upaya Institute and Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And her motto for this crisis, as you will hear, is: strong back, soft front. Where to find Roshi Joan Halifax online: Website: Twitter: Joan Halifax (@jhalifax) / Facebook: Joan Halifax / For a limited time, we're offering a 40% discount on a year-long subscription to the app. Visit to get your discount and get support for your meditation practice today. This promotion is only available to users without a current Ten Percent Happier app subscription. Other Resources Mentioned: Glassman Roshi / Arnold van Gennep / What is Jukai? / Biography of Nelson Mandela – Nelson Mandela Foundation Malala - Girls' Education / Heather McTeer Toney / The Sun My Heart by Thich Nhat Hanh / Aldo Leopold / Robert Bly / Stanislav Grof / Venerable Tara Tulku Rinpoche Additional Resources: Ten Percent Happier Live: Coronavirus Sanity Guide: Free App Access for Journalists, Teachers, Healthcare, Grocery and Food Delivery, and Warehouse Workers: Full Shownotes:

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