Melanie Kingett

The APsolute RecAP: Biology Edition - Biological Molecules

The APsolute RecAP: Biology Edition - Biological Molecules

We learn that you are what you eat in Episode 5. Melanie explores the four types of biological molecules in both structure and function. Kick it off with proteins (1:20) which have the greatest diversity in structure and function due to R-groups chemistry (2:49). Melanie reminds us of the elemental ratios in carbohydrates and to notice the pattern of an -ose ending (4:10). She also recAPs the diversity and characteristics of lipids - Do you remember what saturated fatty acids are? (4:40). Don’t forget the crucial role of phospholipids in the formation of membranes (6:05). She takes us back to kindergarten (6:26) to recall nucleotide arrangement. Did you count how many times the cow mooed?The Question of the Day (8:19) asks “Which category of biological molecules is ATP found in?.Thank you for listening to The APsolute RecAP: Biology Edition!(AP is a registered trademark of the College Board and is not affiliated with The APsolute RecAP. Copyright 2020 - The APsolute RecAP, LLC. All rights reserved.)EMAIL:TheAPsoluteRecAP@gmail.comFollow Us:INSTAGRAM

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