Melanie Kingett

The APsolute Recap: Biology Edition - Evidence of Evolution

The APsolute Recap: Biology Edition - Evidence of Evolution

Isn’t evolution “just” a theory? Scientific theories are broadly accepted, combine multiple hypotheses and an abundance of evidence to explain a phenomenon about the natural world. Episode 42 recAPs the multitude of evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Zoom in to review biogeography (2:14), the fossil record (3:00), homologous structures (4:00) vestigial structures (4:55), and molecular evidence (5:38).The Question of the Day asks (7:20) What was the superocean called from Wegener’s Continental Drift Hypothesis?Thank you for listening to The APsolute RecAP: Biology Edition!(AP is a registered trademark of the College Board and is not affiliated with The APsolute RecAP. Copyright 2020 - The APsolute RecAP, LLC. All rights reserved.)Website:www.theapsoluterecap.comEMAIL:TheAPsoluteRecAP@gmail.comFollow Us:INSTAGRAMTWITTER

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