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The APsolute Recap: Biology Edition - Population Ecology

The APsolute Recap: Biology Edition - Population Ecology

Population ecology is the study of factors that affect a population and how and why a population changes over time. Individual organisms interact with one another and with the environment in very complex ways (1:40). Population growth dynamics depend on a number of factors (2:30) and may result in exponential or logarithmic growth. if the ecosystem stays relatively stable, we can expect the growth rate to also stay the same. But upset the apple cart with other influencing factors, floods, famines, disease, invasive predator - and the r value will also change (4:50). The population cannot increase indefinitely - but reaches a carrying capacity (5:30).The Question of the Day asks (6:42) What type of species (r or k selected) has less offspring and includes parental care?Thank you for listening to The APsolute RecAP: Biology Edition!(AP is a registered trademark of the College Board and is not affiliated with The APsolute RecAP. Copyright 2020 - The APsolute RecAP, LLC. All rights reserved.)Website:www.theapsoluterecap.comEMAIL:TheAPsoluteRecAP@gmail.comFollow Us:INSTAGRAMTWITTER

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