The Silk Stocking Murder

The Silk Stocking Murder

On June 21, 1947, six months after the murder of the Black Dahlia, another shocking homicide stole the Werewolf killer’s spotlight. Top Hollywood mobster Bugsy Siegel was assassinated in a Beverly Hills mansion. In a book written decades later, an author claimed Siegel killed Elizabeth Short -- making Bugsy the most notorious among dozens of suspects in the Dahlia case. And then, 12 days after Siegel’s funeral, the Werewolf grabbed the headlines again after the nude, mutilated body of Rosenda Mondragon, 21, was found rolled up against a gutter near Downtown Los Angeles. She’d been strangled with a silk stocking. On the day of Rosenda’s funeral, a woman’s body was found in a park at the beach near San Diego, 100 miles south of Los Angeles.  Had the Werewolf killer expanded his range? New to Hollywood & Crime? Subscribe here: smarturl.it/hollywoodandcrimeThank you to our sponsors:Zip Recruiter - Learn how to hire smarter and try it for free when you visit them here: www.ZipRecruiter.com/LACrimeBombas: Get 20% off your first purchase of socks when you visit them here: www.Bombas.com/hollywoodMeUndies: Get 20% off and free shipping on your first order when you visit them here:www.MeUndies.com/LACrimeSeat Geek - Get $20 off your first ticket purchase when you use promo code LACRIME here: www.SeatGeek.comWe'd like to hear from you. Find us on Twitter @HollywoodNCrime or Facebook.com/HollywoodAndCrimePodcast or give us a call at 424-224-5711 and please complete a quick survey at www.wondery.com/survey

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