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Addressing Social Justice With Our Children With Dolisha Mitchell

Addressing Social Justice With Our Children With Dolisha Mitchell

In this episode, Jennifer and Dolisha will discuss: - FIVE ways to discuss social justice with our children. -How we can prepare our children for social justice in the world we live in today. -Preventative and impactful strategies surrounding trauma-informed care. -The impact society and the media may have on our children and their belief system. -Age-appropriate strategies to address the topic of social justice.   Show References: Blossoming Mommy and Baby Programs + Services Use code PODCAST for 10% any program + membership! Connect with Dolisha on IG @littleblackbooknook Check out books + resources recommended by Dolisha HERE! Connect With Us On Social   Share the LOVE Did you enjoy today’s episode? Let us know by leaving us a rating and review on iTunes and be entered to win a program or membership! Have a question you’d like to hear answered? Send us an email at or connect with us over on Facebook or Instagram @Blossomingmommyandbaby.   Today's Sponsors:  Finding Time To Do It All Web Class In this FREE web class, I am teaching on ALL thing’s productivity, momma! One of the biggest time-suckers for us as moms is that we are not managing our time well. And guess what? That causes us more stress and tension and is keeping us from getting the important things done! This is the exact and passion behind the curriculum and message wrapped into this class. In this NEW + FREE web class, you will learn how to have more productivity with purpose, so you can live with more meaning, and create the space in your days that will bring back TIME and LIFE to your family. Momma, you don’t want to miss this class, GRAB your seat before they fill up, and I cannot wait to see you inside! Reserve your seat HERE! Hamax You Mommas know we are an active and outdoorsy Alaskan family, which is why I’m THRILLED to introduce to you the Hamax Outback. The Hamax Outback is the ultimate multi-sport kid carrier that easily converts from a stroller, bike trailer, jogger, and even a ski kit -- so you can take your carrier with you and the kids WHEREVER you go! The Hamax Outback brings the BEST of European, aerodynamic design, and safety! It’s easy to fold, has a roomy and comfy space for the kids, and provides practical storage space to tuck away all your Mommy essentials! Discover the premier, award-winning, Blossom family fav, Hamax Outback, for yourself so your whole family can stay active and adventurous! Purchase your stroller TODAY!  

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