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How To Have More Energy When Motherhood Exhausts You

How To Have More Energy When Motherhood Exhausts You

Welcome back to the show, beautiful! I am SO excited to share this episode with you today because it is such a highly requested topic within the BMAB community and a topic that I feel we (as moms) can ALL relate to. We will start today by talking about how to have more energy in motherhood and it’s my hope that you will take away a new sense of renewal as you learn how to create more energy pockets throughout your day. Our energy, both positive and negative, tired and alert, will impact all of those around us, and as the gatekeepers of our homes, we must be intentional about how we are presenting ourselves in motherhood every day. It is my hope that this episode refuels your heart as well as your overall energy as you walk through your day-to-day #momlife journey. Thank you for being here, Momma, you are doing an AMAZING job!   Today's Sponsors:  Kids + Chaos Web Class If your motherhood is feeling a little chaotic, you are in for a TREAT, girl. This month we are offering our fan-favorite workshop, Kids + Chaos. This is a free workshop available to the mom that is feeling like her kids and her motherhood are a little overwhelming and chaotic right now. In this FREE web-class, we will go over WHY hourly schedules do not work, and I am going to show you what works instead. We are going to talk about simplifying, and how to do so with rhythms and routines. We will go over a sample bedtime routine, AND we will dig deep into HOW to simplify when things are feeling completely chaotic and off-course. This workshop is for the mom who wants to stop feeling like she is in constant survival mode and is ready to establish a more simplified + happy motherhood! Spaces are limited, so get signed up today, Momma, and let’s tackle that chaos together! Save your seat today, HERE! Show References: Today’s BLOG + Show Notes: Blossoming Mommy and Baby Programs + Services: Use code PODCAST for 10% any program + membership! Simplify Your Meals with the Healthy Kitchen Club Membership! Check out the Simplify Your Motherhood Online Course HERE! Connect With Us On Social! @blossomingmommyandbaby    Did you enjoy today’s episode? Let us know by leaving us a rating and review on iTunes! This is also a great way to help other mamas, just like YOU, find and enjoy the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show. You can also spread the love by sharing this episode with a girlfriend, family member, or coworker! Have a question you’d like to hear answered? Send us an email at or connect with us over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @Blossomingmommyandbaby. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show on your podcast app to make sure you never miss out on the latest, gorgeous episodes! You can also be the first to know when a new episode airs and receive a special gift from us when you subscribe to our email list HERE!   Happy Listening!

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