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Managing our Children’s Exhaustion

Managing our Children’s Exhaustion

In this episode we talk to are Laurie Hollman. We discuss her book “The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Exhaustion in Children and Teens” We discuss what what we can do as parents to make a better happy lifestyle for our families. You can find Dr Hollman through her website. https://lauriehollmanphd.com/ (https://lauriehollmanphd.com/) Look for us at the following website www.thedadexperiencepodcast.com (https://www.thedadexperiencepodcast.com/) Instagram TheDadExperience (https://instagram.com/thedadexperience) Twitter @dadexppodcast (https://www.twitter.com/dadexppodcast.com) Facebook The Dad Experience (http://www.facebook.com/thedadexperience) Email experienceanddad@gmail.com (mailto:experienceanddad@gmail.com)

Duration: 47 min

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