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Teaching Our Kids About Saving and Finance

Teaching Our Kids About Saving and Finance

In this episode Adam talks to Founder of Prepared Fathers Jay Gabrani about saving for our families and teaching our children about saving and financial planning. To get a free financial guide offered to The Dad Experience listeners please follow the link below. https://www.preparedfathers.com/adam (https://www.preparedfathers.com/adam)   To find Jay and Prepared Fathers see the link below https://www.preparedfathers.com  (https://www.preparedfathers.com ) Look for us at the following website www.thedadexperiencepodcast.com (https://www.thedadexperiencepodcast.com/) Instagram TheDadExperience (https://instagram.com/thedadexperience) Twitter @dadexppodcast (https://www.twitter.com/dadexppodcast.com) Facebook The Dad Experience (http://www.facebook.com/thedadexperience) Email experienceanddad@gmail.com (mailto:experienceanddad@gmail.com)

Duration: 36 min

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