With Dad and Host Adam Busuttil

Teaching Our Kids to Be Enough

Teaching Our Kids to Be Enough

Adam talks to dad Will Waldrop. Will comes on the show to talk about the amazing book “The Nuff”. “The Nuff” is a book that was written by Will’s late wife as a way to preserve her memory, and tell her daughters that they are enough, You don’t want to miss this very moving episode. You can find Will and “The Nuff” at the following locations. Look for us at the following website www.thedadexperiencepodcast.com (https://www.thedadexperiencepodcast.com/) Instagram TheDadExperience (https://instagram.com/thedadexperience) Twitter @dadexppodcast (https://www.twitter.com/dadexppodcast.com) Facebook The Dad Experience (http://www.facebook.com/thedadexperience) Email experienceanddad@gmail.com (mailto:experienceanddad@gmail.com)

Duration: 25 min

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