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Cell Therapy - Falling short of its potential?

Cell Therapy - Falling short of its potential?

Despite major investment in the field, few cell therapies have gained regulatory approval with limited commercial success. The success of therapeutic products is defined by three factors: safety, efficacy and scalability. Achieving these for cell therapy presents new challenges; overcoming transplant rejection (and GvHD in the case of immune cells), producing and culturing functional cells and developing an off-the-shelf therapy with a scalable manufacturing process. If you'd like to view the original article then follow the link below: https://www.ddw-online.com/therapeutics/p323014-cell-therapy-falling-short-of-its-potential.html You can also download the original article pdf here: https://www.ddw-online.com/media/32/136359/(6)-cell-therapy.pdf For more information on Drug Discovery World, head to: https://www.ddw-online.com

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