Alex Stabler

Episode 1: Shattered Glass

Episode 1: Shattered Glass

A quiet night in for Olivia and Megan ends up a little more lively than planned. The following morning, Olivia finds a table smashed and Megan nowhere to be seen. But where has she gone? Voices Olivia - Rose Butler Megan - Beth Lancaster Andrew – Rhys Tucker Sound Effects “TV remote” – redjim “Opening A Beer and drinking” – 1Kaylin_Dickson “Pouring Beer into Short Glass 170428_1478” – megashroom “Leather Sofa, Sit Down, Stand Up” – Kinoton “Drinking Glasses contact (Clink)” – EpicWizard “DANCING-STEPS-FEET-WOODEN-FLOOR” – Maurice_J_K “falling on floor” – Skradz “Footsteps” – barrigan “untitled_sitting on bed” – Zigzag20705 “Wall Clock Ticking” – straget “Movement in bed, blanket” – vovere “Bedroom Door Shutting” – jpkweli “couch quick rise up 2_bip” – muses212 “Handling Glass Shards 2” – jorickhoofd “Teleport” – ansel “Trickling Water 4” – Yoyodaman234 “Sand_Footsteps” – D001447733 “Bubbling, Large, A” – InspectorJ “Breaking glass” – jsbarrett “Getting up from bed” – avakas “Door Open 3_Creaky_Near_Mono” - _stubb “Rain and Thunder 4” – FlatHill “Pull something out of pocket” – BarkersPinhead “TouchScreen_03” – Lord_vor_Edocs “Ring Tone” – AnthonyRamirez “Cell phone vibrate, in bag backpack” – SpliceSound “Splash, Small, A” – InspectorJ “Hang Up Noise” – johnnypanic “Running on concrete” – MAJ061785 “Door, Front, Closing, A” – InspectorJ “Bus Volvo” – ninebilly “Steps” – sjnewton “bus_ticket machine” – 13FPanska_Sycl “crowd chattering students university loud” – bpayri “Combing Hair” – thatkellytrna “Water Wading” – Motion_S “The Ocean Underwater” – akelley6 “Classroom” – musicace17 “iPhone drop” – weespecky “open_door_1” – amorralteixe “Washing_Hands” – thereelfryboy “Crack and Stress” – JustinBW “Glass, Smash, Bottle, D” – InspectorJ “TattooedGlassExplosion2” – Sllarson “Crunching Glass Shards 2” – jorickhoofd “Glass breaking” – justBrando Music by Epidemic Sound. "I Wish You Were Mine” – Loving Caliber feat. Megan Tibbits “Darling Merengue Me” – Martin Carlberg “So Sing” – Loving Caliber feat. Christine Smit “Instant Party” – Liru “Party Hits 01” and “Party Hits 06” – Andreas Ericson “Do You Wanna Party” – Reversus “I Need Only You (Tribute Version)” – Love Beans feat. Elve “National Anthem Italy” – National Anthem Worx “New York Love” – Short Kip “Sacrifice” – Dream Cave “Subtle Suspense 12” – Christian Andersen “By Lake Surprise (Scaled Down Version)” – Peter Sandberg Written & Directed by Alex Stabler

Duration: 22 min

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