Alex Stabler

Episode 4: Love and War

Episode 4: Love and War

Is it possible to make peace once the spark of war has been lit? Voices Olivia – Rose Butler Megan – Beth Lancaster Jasmine – Alice Jones Andrew – Rhys Tucker Kanang – John Gordon Selica – Alex Stabler Sound Effects “Wall Clock Ticking” – straget “Steady Rain” – pulswelle “Cell phone vibrate, in bag backpack” – SpliceSound “TouchScreen_03” – Lord_vor_Edocs “Hang Up Noise” – johnnypanic “Slimy flesh” – iampagan “glitchys” – gumballrimpoch “Knock_the_door” – anagar “Breaking glass” – jsbarrett “up-down-aluminium-ladder” – Eelke “Button 04” – JarredGibb “Glass door, sliding” – OroborosNZ “Indoor Footsteps” – dkiller2204 “Indoor adult murmur, medium group” – SpliceSound “Footsteps” – barrigan “Writing with pencil 2” = fthgurdy “Four_Voices_Whispering” – geoneo0 “HEART_MONITOR/MACHINE_BEEP” – dansotak “two Rubber gloves on” – chimerical “Heartbeats, increasing rhythm” – giddster “choking” – braffe2 “falling on floor” – Skradz “Running on ground” – Disagree “Designed Fire – Impacts – Complex” – GregorQuendel “Crowd Screaming, A” – InspectorJ “fire2” – tc630 “TattooedGlassExplosion2” – Sllarson “Waves of Hawaii” – florianreichelt “Splash, Jumping, B” – InspectorJ “Explosion” - Iwiploppenisse Music by Epidemic Sound. "By Lake Surprise (Scaled Down Version)” – Peter Sandberg “By Lake Surprise” – Clarence Reed “Before the Final Battle” – Christian Andersen “The Darkness of the Light” – Phoenix Tail “Artificial Dreams” and “Waters Will Flow Again” – Gabriel Lewis Assistant Director – Rhys Tucker Written & Directed by Alex Stabler

Duration: 20 min

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