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The Disappearance of LeRyan Nicholson, Part 2

The Disappearance of LeRyan Nicholson, Part 2

In Episode 2 of Season Nine, we explore the life of LeRyan Nicholson, who was born--and disappeared in--Nashville, TN. LeRyan’s sisters, Ameera and Candace, reflect on their relationship, their brother’s struggles, and how little they understood when he vanished. This led Ameera and Candance to begin their own investigation.    Written, researched, and hosted by Laurah Norton/Interviews by Brooke Hargrove/Produced, mixed, and mastered by Maura Currie/Research assistants are Kim Fritz, Jessica Ann, Bryan Worters, and Lex Weathers/Content advisors are Brandy C. Williams, Liv Fallon, and Vic Kennedy/ Theme music by RJR/Scoring by Maura Currie/Special thanks to Angie Dodd. Support our show by using our promo codes and supporting our sponsors! Find source information at our website. To support justice-centered organizations: a developing list. Monthly donations currently going to Sovereign Bodies Institute--please consider supporting their work!  2020 All Rights Reserved

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