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5 Habits of the Healthiest Families

5 Habits of the Healthiest Families

After a short stint off from podcasting, I’m back. And I’ll be talking a lot about what it really takes to create a healthy family. Time off has a way of generating ideas and I had many this summer. But one, in particular, stood out. I got to thinking about how darn hard it is to raise healthy children -- and be truly healthy ourselves -- in today’s complicated world. It’s mind-boggling how the world has changed in a short period of time. The speed of changing technology is a key driver in all of this. The way we receive information, move (or don’t), connect with others, grocery shop and eat, and the type of jobs available is completely different. Yet, despite all this change many of us use are left with old, outdated parenting and health practices. I believe there’s a mismatch between the tools we have and the times in which we live -- and this is what makes parenting hard. The good news is that with the right tools, robust health is more achievable than ever. Today on the Healthy Family Podcast I’m discussing the 5 habits of the healthiest families and how I’ll be addressing each of these in upcoming podcast episodes.

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