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Fearless Feeding Five Years Later with Jill Castle

Fearless Feeding Five Years Later with Jill Castle

Five years ago Jill Castle and I turned in the manuscript for Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School. It was the first book for both of us and it took about three years from inception to completion. We came together to write Fearless Feeding to provide up-to-date feeding information to parents for kids of all ages. What we didn’t expect was how much health professionals would utilize the book. It is used as a textbook in colleges and internships around the country. The Fearless Feeding Philosophy includes the What (nutrition), How (feeding approach) and Why (how development relates to eating) at each stage of development. On today’s show, my guest is my writing partner, Jill Castle, childhood nutrition expert and creator of The Nourished Child Blog and Podcast. In addition to Fearless Feeding, she is author of Eat Like a Champion and various e-books including The Smart Mom’s Guide to Starting Solids and Try New Food! She is a sought-after childhood nutrition speaker, develops online courses for parents and health professionals, and runs a part-time private practice. Jill and I talk about what’s new in feeding since we turned in that manuscript for Fearless Feeding, and I get the chance to pick her brain about feeding older kids.

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