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Introducing The Healthy Family Podcast

Introducing The Healthy Family Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of The Healthy Family Podcast! In this short-10-minute episode, I explain my vision for the podcast and what listeners can expect. The Healthy Family Podcast isn’t focused just kids or adults, but families. It asks the tough questions like how to do influence those we love to take action? How do we create desire to be healthy in children? How do we grow old being as healthy, happy and strong as we can be? It demands health and happiness at all ages and stages. Each episode will include a leading expert in a different area that affects health and well being (nutrition, exercise, self-care, stress management etc.). We will spend most of the show discussing the science, tips, and key information that support optimal ways of approaching health. My hope is that you leave each show saying “I never thought of X that way before.” But the key for every episode no matter what its topic is taking an “inside approach” -- getting to the root cause of health-related behaviors. This is different from treating symptoms or giving advice about what to do. You will leave with a good understanding of the why, which is what is needed to move you from struggle to solution. This is true whether we are talking about picky eating, sleep, emotional problems or exercise.  

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