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Intuitive Eating with Elyse Resch

Intuitive Eating with Elyse Resch

With over 60 studies to support it, intuitive eating is emerging as a positive approach to eating, getting the right amount of food for your body type, and enhancing health and well being. It’s also an excellent way to raise kids in terms of food, body appreciation and decreasing eating-disorder risk. In today’s show we have Intuitive Eating expert Elyse Resch. Elyse has been in private practice in Beverly Hills as a Nutrition Therapist for 34 years, specializing in eating disorders, Intuitive Eating, and preventative nutrition. She is the co-author of Intuitive Eating and the soon-to-be published Intuitive Eating Workbook. She has published journal articles and is nationally known for her work in helping patients break free from the diet mentality through the "Intuitive Eating" process. In this episode, Elyse Resch shares her wisdom and the history of Intuitive Eating. She explains why it is so important to question your long-held assumptions about food, eating and weight. She details how we are all born intuitive eaters, and how easy it is to get off track. A firm believer of the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement, she shares how society’s weight and diet focus compromises health rather than heals it, and how Intuitive Eating can be the antidote.  Highlights from the Show: How Elyse got into Intuitive Eating, which led to its first publication in 1995 Elyse’s definition of Intuitive Eating -- what it is and why it’s beneficial The false assumptions people make about food and eating that hold them back, and keep them stuck in the “diet mentality” The role dichotomous thinking (food is all good or all bad) plays in food choices, and makes eating well more difficult The vital role autonomy plays in food choices and well being, and why individuals rebel when being told what to eat The surprising reason people emotionally eat, and the easy way to stop Why unconditional permission to eat and a no-judgment attitude are vital components of Intuitive Eating The importance of divorcing weight and body shape from eating choices and other healthy habits How to raise intuitive eaters starting with responsive feeding in infancy Intuitive Eating Mindset Quote "When you challenge those assumptions and really look at the truth, look at the science, look at people’s history, you are able to sit back and go Whoa, wait a minute, I’ve been working off this assumption and it’s not working for me!”

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