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Stop Procrastinating with Timothy A. Pychyl

Stop Procrastinating with Timothy A. Pychyl

Why are we our own worst enemy when it comes to doing what is important? Whether it’s planning meals, starting that project, or calling an old friend, the list can seem never ending. Our mind tells things don’t get done because we have no time but that’s not true. When we get down to the real reason why -- something we always do on this podcast -- it boils down to procrastination. On today’s show we have on Timothy A. Pychyl, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Initiatives in Education at Carleton University in Canada. He studies why and how people sabotage their best intentions with needless delay. He writes the Don’t Delay column at Psychology Today, is author of Solving the Procrastination Puzzle and runs the Iprocrastinate Podcast. He is a leading thought leader and researcher in the area of procrastination, what he calls an “emotional management problem.” If you are human and live in modern times, you will relate and learn the steps for ending this bad habit for good.

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