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The Science of Parenting with Jen Lumanlan

The Science of Parenting with Jen Lumanlan

When a couple is expecting their first child, they’re inundated with information. But then that baby turns into a toddler that has tantrums and doesn’t like the word “no.” And all of a sudden, the well of information dries up. So where do parents turn to for advice? And how do we know what to believe? After all, expert advice is constantly changing and everyone seems to have an opinion. Today’s guest, Jen Lumanlan, had these same questions when she started a family. This led her to get a master’s in psychology with a focus on child development and another master's in education. She shares what she’s learned (and keeps learning) through Your Parenting Mojo Podcast. It's a reference guide for parents of toddlers and preschoolers based on scientific research and the principles of respectful parenting. In episode 24 of The Healthy Family Podcast, we tackle how to go about finding credible parenting information. Jen shares what she has learned on her science-based parenting journey.

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