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064: Personal Reflections From COVID-19

064: Personal Reflections From COVID-19

When COVID-19 started, amidst the ‘what the eff happening?” panic that was induced from all the stress, I decided that I was going to try and make the best of it. Even on those really hard days when I found myself sitting in my car to prevent myself from losing my mind, I knew that some really good things were going to come out of COVID-19 for me. I’m talking for my business, for my mental health and for my personal relationships. In this episode I share the top things that I’ve taken from COVID-19 - that I will carry with me as life gets back to our “new” normal. For more from Jamie Scrimgeour visit www.jamiescrimgeour.comFollow along on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamiescrimgeour Follow along on Facebook: www.facebook.com/scrimgeourjamie Join The Exclusive Stepmom Community: www.jamiescrimgeour.com/membership Book a call: www.jamiescrimgeour.com/stepmomsupport

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