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065: Divorce, Parenting + Life: Interview With My Mom

065: Divorce, Parenting + Life: Interview With My Mom

This episode is very special to me. My mom is on the show and we dive into our relationship, my parents divorce, what I was like as a child, our relationship now and her thoughts on me becoming a stepmom. My mom and I have had a complicated relationship, but I am so grateful for where we’ve ended up and so excited that she’s agreed to share our journey with you. Enjoy!  Join The KICK-ASS STEPMOM, KICK-ASS LIFE Group Coaching Program: www.jamiescrimgeour.com/groupcoaching Join The Exclusive Stepmom Community: www.jamiescrimgeour.com/membership  For more from Jamie Scrimgeour visit www.jamiescrimgeour.comFollow along on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamiescrimgeour Follow along on Facebook: www.facebook.com/scrimgeourjamie Book a one-on-one coaching call: www.jamiescrimgeour.com/its-time-to-thrive

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