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Clean And Green: The Sakara Life With Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle #206

Clean And Green: The Sakara Life With Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle #206

The scene is New York City. Millions of cars are screeching by, busy people are shuffling down the streets rushing from one appointment to another, and that weird vapor is coming out of the sewer. Danielle DuBoise is in the hospital after an extreme cleanse and raw food diet. Whitney Tingle is on Wall Street eating hamburgers, cupcakes, and pizza to fuel her insane lifestyle.   These two friends from Sedona were, in many ways, living lifestyles at opposite ends of the spectrum, but they still shared two things in common: neither of them were taking care of themselves or their bodies, and they both desperately needed a change.   Together, they decided to look inward and find the root cause of their health problems – and in the process, they created a nutrition program that helped them transform from stressed out and imbalanced to nourished and thriving. They started making loving, healthy choices for themselves, as a lifestyle and not a diet.   The transformative effects of adopting this holistic lifestyle were remarkable, and they knew they had to share it. So they co-created Sakara Life, the organic, plant-rich meal delivery program beloved by celebrities, supermodels, pro athletes, and business moguls.   And now they’re bringing this knowledge to even more people with their brand new cookbook and lifestyle guide, Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love by the Founders of Sakara Life, which teaches readers to make signature Sakara dishes in their own kitchens.   If you want to make a change in your life and you’re ready to learn more about holistic nutrition – or if you’re already on that train and just want to hear about some delicious, healthy food – this is a mouth-watering episode that will leave you looking at your plate in a whole new way.   Topics Discussed In This Episode: Danielle + Whitney’s journey from Sedona to Sakara The psychological scars of fighting with cystic acne The horrifying side effects of Accutane What every person needs every day to feel like their best self What you probably don’t know about the seeds and oil industry Realizing that so many of our health problems are actually because we have an unhealthy gut Reframing your relationship with food Why counting calories doesn’t work Eating for how you want to feel What we can learn from Cookie’s two trainers Scaling a business from nothing to 120 employees & staying friends Learning how to run a business through life schooling You don’t have to change your taste or aesthetics to adopt a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food (i.e. you don’t have to be a new age hippy to benefit from holistic health) The quantum effects of knowing how many calories are in a dish The arbitrary belief that there is an end to life The Sakara Life standards: food has to be fresh, it has to look beautiful, it has to be really delicious, and it has to offer real results What goes into creating Sakra Life’s supply chain for fresh ingredients POOP! Eating your water You are what you do the majority of the time Crossing the veil when you go into labor & the badassery of midwives   More about this episode. Watch it on YouTube   Connect with Luke on social media to learn how to take your lifestyle to the next level, plus catch exclusive live interviews & events:   INSTAGRAM - @lukestorey //   FACEBOOK -   TWITTER - @MrLukeStorey //   YOUTUBE -   THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY:   EARTH RUNNERS. Earth Runners Earth Adventure Sandals offer the closest thing to going barefoot, both physically and electrically. These eco-engineered sandals sync your biology with the circadian rhythm of the Earth, elevating your wellbeing to its fullest potential, while the ergonomically designed lace and minimalist Vibram sole helps optimize your connection, comfort, and freedom. Start your adventure 10% using code “Luke10” at   AND...   BLUBLOX. 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