Star Wars

Ep 60: Writers of Color in Star Wars

Ep 60: Writers of Color in Star Wars

Star Wars is for everyone and can be created by anyone. As a community and as a team, we need to do our part in bringing awareness to the Black Lives Matter cause. Dedicating this episode to the writers and authors of color is a way for the Living Force to shine a light on a situation that has been put in the background for far too long. Join Eric and Corey as they discuss authors and writers of color and how we can help promote their work and businesses in our communities. May the Force Be With You. Send any and all questions to, tweet at us @LivingForcePod, hit us up on Facebook, watch LIVE on Twitch, and don't forget to join the discussion on Discord at Help the galaxy find us by leaving a review and please remember to subscribe!

Duration: 1 hr 9 min

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