Star Wars

Ep 61: Pilots & Starships & Squadrons, Oh My!

Ep 61: Pilots & Starships & Squadrons, Oh My!

Just as Ciena spotted Thane through his fancy flying and rollover maneuvers, we already know you’ll love this next pilots’ edition of The Living Force. We get into a major protagonist similarity, a deeper dive into some Youtini flight collections, and a rehash of the starship squadrons that our humble hosts customized back from episode 10! Younglings they were. Join Charles, Eric, and Corey as we banter about our favorite starship drivers and provide some helpful tips on how to step into the Star Wars Pilot EU! Send any and all questions to, tweet at us @LivingForcePod, hit us up on Facebook, watch LIVE on Twitch, and don't forget to join the discussion on Discord at Help the galaxy find us by leaving a review and please remember to subscribe!

Duration: 1 hr 14 min

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