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Episode 3: Sarah Wroot: The Value of Cloth

Episode 3: Sarah Wroot: The Value of Cloth

Sarah Wroot brings a reverence to her work with cloth, whether it's spinning, weaving, or stitching. This issue explores her passion for making and preserving textiles. Cloth can derive value from the care that went into its making, the emotional resonance of using it, its connection to the past, or its physical and symbolic protection. Sarah developed and stitched a hat inspired by a brightly colored hat from Uzbekistan. She spun the yarn for weaving the cloth and embroidering the motifs on it. She describes the process in "Uzbekistan by Hat," Spin Off Summer 2014. (https://shop.longthreadmedia.com/products/spin-off-summer-2014-digital-edition) After seeing a historic textile collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Sarah embarked on a quest to recreate an 18th-century fabric called cassemire. You can find her articles about spinning for the fabric (https://spinoffmagazine.com/18th-century-woven-cloth-cassimere/) and finishing the woven cloth (https://spinoffmagazine.com/18th-century-weaving-fulling-cloth-shearing-swatches/) on the Spin Off website. You can find more details about these explorations and her other pursuits at her website, wroot.com (http://www.wroot.com/).

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