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MAG 100.5 - Assistants Round Table

MAG 100.5 - Assistants Round Table

Happy last week of hiatus! Join us behind-the-scenes as the familiar voices of the Magnus Institute's archival assistants break character to discuss their thoughts on performance, inspiration, and horror. As an added bonus, here is a short must-read (or play) list from Alex, Mike, and Lydia: - Alien Isolation - Creative Assembly (not read but play!) - Blindsight - Peter Watts - Dracula - Bram Stoker - Swamp Thing - DC Comics (Alan Moore) - The Dunwich Horror - H.P. Lovecraft - The Shadow over Innsmouth - H.P. Lovecraft Stay tuned for a shiny new Magnus episode next week! Content Warnings for this episode are at the end of the show notes. Thanks to this week's Patrons: Rob Sheridan, Andrew Bushell, Quintin Walker, Dylan Parkhurst, Linda Jean, Neongrey, Holly Aitchinson, Andrea RoarkBatt Momar, John Dondero If you'd like to support us, head to Edited by Elizabeth Moffatt & Alexander J Newall. Check out our merchandise at You can subscribe to this podcast using your podcast software of choice, or by visiting Please rate and review on your software of choice, it really helps us to spread the podcast to new listeners, so share the fear. Content Warning for: - Spoilers! - Gruesome horror prop discussion  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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