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Episode 77 - Cindy James

Episode 77 - Cindy James

On May 25th, 1989, the years of harassment endured by 44-year-old Cindy James came to a grim conclusion......With her sudden disappearance. Music Credits:The Minds Of Madness Theme Music – Duncan FosterThe Funkoars – Feel The MadnessUsed with Permission - check out this episodes sponsors and help support our podcast:Sakara - Get 20% off your first order today using code MADNESS at checkout - Get FREE shipping and a 60-day risk free trial Fiends - Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google PlayMadison Reed: Get 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING on your first Color Kit go to and enter PROMO CODE: MINDSResearch & Writing:Alison SchwartzIf you would like to support the show and get some extra perks including extra content, including early release/ad-free episodes, Go to - - - - @MadnessPod -, Neal. “Cindy’s Torment.” Vancouver Sun, December 31, 1990. Print.Hall, Neal. “What Happened to Cindy James?” The Gazette, January 6, 1991. Print.Hall, Neal. “Stranger Than Fiction.” Vancouver Sun, December 29, 1990. Print.Hall, Neal. “Under Siege.” Vancouver Sun, March 24, 1990.Hall, Neal. “Conflicting evidence fabricated tangled puzzle for inquest” Vancouver Sun, May 29, 1990.Hall, Neal. “James inquest held grisly fare for coroner’s jury and journalists” Vancouver Sun, May 29, 1990.Hockenberry, Edie. Medium, March 6, 2020, Holly. “Mystery persists.” The Province. March 18, 1990. Print.Jimison, Susan. “Mystery Man Stalks Woman for 6 Long Years - and Finally Kills Her.” Weekly World News. Sept 5, 1989.“Foul play ruled out in nurse's odd death.” The Toronto Star, July 14, 1989(Newsbank Database)Parton, Nicole and Young, Gerard. “Nurse’s mysterious death ends six years of torment” The Toronto Star, June 18, 1989(Newsbank database)Young, Gerard. “Dead nurse led normal life before threats, father says.”Vancouver Sun, July 13, 1989.Hack, Melanie. “Did You Know Cindy James?” Feb. 15, 2007. from Who Killed My Sister, My Friend, Melanie. “Was Cindy James Killed When She Was About to Reveal The Truth?” May 22, 2009. Current Affair Mysteries, Season 3, Ep 18, February 13, 1991. of Cindy James Mysteries - Who Killed Richmond nurse, Cindy James? Threats - Audio

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