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Bonus Episode: World Retail Congress Report

Bonus Episode:  World Retail Congress Report

It takes sixty-six to create a new habit or change a behavior. As the lockdowns continue, consumers have been forced to adopt technology much faster. Grocery store online ordering has skyrocketed, with 41% first time customers. As the economy re-opens, will these behaviors stick? As the virus has hit globally, over 170 countries are facing recessions. With shrinking budgets and worries, consumers are being incredibly practical and careful. A compelling digital presence is now essential in the post-covid world, and those that look at these problems early will have the best chance of claiming a share of a shrinking market. Those that recognize this as an opportunity to reshape their channels, reimagine their offerings, and reposition their business by reallocating for digital transformation and success will be the ones to thrive.Link to report:  https://www.worldretailcongress.com/__media/files/Congress-content/ISSUE-TWO---RETAILING-IN-A-TIME-OF-CRISIS.pdf Guest: Ian McGarrigle, Chairman, World Retail CongressHosts:  Monique Ruff-Bell, Events Director, Money20/20 USA              Sophie Wawro, Events Director, Money20/20 EuropeProducers:  Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Editor, Ascential                    Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, USA

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