Rachel Morrissey, Roland Bodenham, Sanjib Kalita,

Ep. 23- 411 on 420

Ep. 23- 411 on 420

Cannabis and Banking are like oil and water - one on the edge of legality, the other, one of the most regulated industries on the planet. Currently, any financial institution that banks cannabis is at the whims of their regulator relationship. The SAFE Banking Act, which strives to make banking the cannabis industry less risky, has passed the House of Representatives and is before the Senate Banking Committee. Even if this legislation becomes law, cannabis financial services will still be an underserved sector.Guest: Tyler Beuerlein,  Chief Revenue Officer, Hypur and Chairman of the NCIA Banking & Financial Services Comm.Hosts:  Sanjib Kalita, Editor in Chief, Money 20/20            Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money 20/20 USAProducers: Roland Bodenham, Senior Video Producer, Ascential                    Rachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money 20/20 USA

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