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Ep. 26 No Cart Left Behind

Ep. 26 No Cart Left Behind

"I want to enter more passwords and fill out more forms!", said no one ever. We repeat the same actions - log in and pay - daily across countless platforms. No matter how simple, they are a roadblock on the path to purchase. Today, we look at major types of players in the market and talk about who might be best positioned to build and run a unified identity and payment layer across the web.Guest: Domm Holland, Founder & CEO, FastHosts:   Sanjib Kalita, Editor-in-Chief, Money20/20               Elena Mesropyan,  Content Lead, Money20/20 EuropeProducers:  Roland Bodenham,  Senior Video Editor, AscentialElena Mesropyan, Content Lead, Money20/20 EuropeRachel Morrissey, Content Producer, Money20/20 USA

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