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049: Stepkid Turned Stepmom

049: Stepkid Turned Stepmom

In this episode of the Nacho Kids Podcast, Lori, co-founder of Nacho Kids, interviews stepmom Megan. Megan is a stepkid herself. As a stepkid, Megan didn’t like her stepdad telling her mom how to parent her, so Megan went to live with her grandparents when she was 13 and never moved back in with her mom and stepdad. Megan has two bio children of her own and has been in two blended relationships. She has been in her current blended relationship for three years and her stepdaughter lives with them full time. Megan and her significant other have had some trying times with bio mom and the family court system. It took Megan two years to figure out her role in the blend, and now Nachos.    In this episode, we discuss: Being a stepkid with a stepparent that tells the bio parent how to parent Dealing with a bio mom that has drug issues When the other bio parent lives in a different state Your significant other expecting you to be “Mom” When the stepparent pushes the bio parent to get custody 

Duration: 1 hr 47 min

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