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054: Stepmom Who Was A Secret

054: Stepmom Who Was A Secret

In this episode of the Nacho Kids Podcast, Lori, co-founder of Nacho Kids, interviews a from Wisconsin. This stepmom has one stepkid and two “ours” kids, one of which is autistic. Her stepdaughter did not know about the stepmom until a week after she had the first “ours” baby. The stepdaughter comes for visitation every other weekend but the stepmom doesn’t spend time with the stepdaughter alone. Her significant other wants her to love his daughter like her own and told her when they got engaged that she needed to spend time with his daughter.   In this episode, we discuss: Stepmom not spending time alone with the stepkid The significant other wanting you to love their kid like your own   Summer visitation Poor eating habits of the stepkid Nachoing

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