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Episode 66 - Working On Your Game Even On Lockdown

Episode 66 - Working On Your Game Even On Lockdown

On this episode, we check in from the lockdown of 2020 with the idea that when you take something away, you appreciate it that much more. Taking away the game of basketball -- the competition, the comradery, the fun -- it really hurts. Comparing it to what an athlete goes through with a major injury, you can use the time away from the game to view the things from a different perspective. For Agent Zero, he sees it as an opportunity. A chance to get better. By using the down time to focus on what you should work on, you can discover new ways to be more complete. Instead of putting in hours in the gym, study the game. Watch film for strategy and detail, you’ll come out the other side that much better. Also, there’s now time to work on the things that you may otherwise put off when you’re in go mode to just workout, play and repeat. Now that he’s a coach, Gil is seeing the additional value in that as well. You’re down but you’re not out!

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