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Episode 72 - Let Me Be Great with Josh Christopher

Episode 72 - Let Me Be Great with Josh Christopher

On this episode, we’re joined by one of the most sensationally talented players of his era. Josh Christopher is a top-ranked, dynamically skilled, incoming freshman headed to Arizona State. Only isn’t planning on staying there long. Josh has all of the tools and ability to go to the league early and make an impact. For the kid that goes by "Jaygup", he’s not looking to make it, he’s working to be great. As Gil sees it, wanting to be an all-time great, means you’re already on your way there. At this point building on a solid foundation over the next year will get Josh primed for the jump. Also, as a Cali kid, Josh is made to shine when he gets there. If you haven’t seen Josh, get familiar, and get ready to watch a few more Arizona State games next year.

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