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Episode 73 - Raising Expectations with Ben Shtolzberg

Episode 73 - Raising Expectations with Ben Shtolzberg

On this episode, we have the very motivational story of Ben Schtolzberg. As Gil would naturally take a shine to, Ben is a valley kid that has worked his way up the ranks with very little hype or attention. A starting point guard as a freshman at Notre Dame High School, he went from running an offense on an upperclassmen heavy team, to taking over the squad the next season. Now, heading into his junior year, he’s putting up numbers that get him visits to UNC, Davidson and programs across the country. Still, what makes Ben interesting is his ability to remain humble, while shouldering a great deal of responsibility, all with big time expectations. He wants to be pushed, is never satisfied and is absolutely locked in on getting to the league. Throw in legit talent and Agent Zero is crafting another SoCal scoring guard that can do it all. Gil has been watching him for a few years now, seen the work Ben puts in with his trainer Dash Lovell, and the proof is in the results on the court year-to-year.

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