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TPJ 62: Setting Up Your [Big or Small] Space For Independent Play

TPJ 62: Setting Up Your [Big or Small] Space For Independent Play

I get messages from parents all over the world (hundreds a day) asking how they can get their kids to play independently.  I hear things like: My kids won’t play My kids are clingy We live in a small apartment My kids have very different play styles My kids fight with each other I’m a working parent, so it can’t work for me I’m here to tell you that those are just excuses! And to help you see that your kids are capable of independent play, I wanted to share some stories from a few of my “Present Players”. [01:14] No matter how out of control life may feel, there are always things we can control. [06:10] Independent play is a skill that can be developed [07:56] Independent play has incredible benefits for our children. [08:55] You don't need to buy anything. You'll likely even get rid of some things.  [11:17] Hear how Elizabeth learned to prioritize play, and accommodate 2 very different styles of play for her children. [12:46] “Strewing changed my life...It's like magic.” [15:34] She found that each of her kids have different play needs, and does what she can to encourage and protect that. [16:18] Hear Galina's story about how she set up her zones in a tiny New York apartment. [17:18] Overwhelmed in her small apartment with too many toys. [18:48] Even though she has a small apartment, she has found a way to set up all of her play zones. [21:07] “I wasn't sure if my child could play independently because he was clingy.” [23:59] Don't let excuses get in the way! If Galina can make it work, you can make it work too! [25:11] Melissa didn't know how to organize life in the midst of chaos. [26:01] You don't have to do everything at once [26:10] Make sure the structure of the space makes sense for the intent of the space. [26:31] Even in quarantine (with 6 people in a 3 bedroom house), she was able to set up a space for school work without affecting her existing play spaces. [27:18] It eased the transition to homeschooling [29:06] Hear Victoria's story, and how she's able to "parent from work" and direct her son's play, even when she can't be home with him.  [30:40] You can set up your home with small changes, using things you already own. [31:18] Is it relevant for a 10 month old? Yes, and he's morphed into an independent play toddler. [31:35] Has allowed her to set up her caretakers (and son) for success by strewing and designing his play areas. Whether you have lots of space and access to the outdoors or you live in a small apartment with no outside space, you can design your home in a way that encourages independent play. Whether you’re a full-time caretaker or work full-time, Present Play will help you set your kids up for [independent play] success.   If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway. Take a selfie of you listening or a screenshot of the show, post it to instagram stories, and tag me @parentingjunkie or feel free to DM me on instagram, I try to reply to as many as I can!Are you subscribed to my podcast? Subscribe here so that fresh episodes are delivered directly to you. Those shiny 5-star ratings and sweet reviews have me all gushy, thank you. But more importantly, they help other parents discover the Parenting Junkie Show and spread the word about Loving parenting and Parenting from Love. If you have a moment to spare, those reviews mean the world to me, you can leave one here.  Want to connect to like-minded parenting junkies? Join our (free & awesome) FB community Love Parenting with Avital. Resources: Join the “Love Parenting with Avital” Facebook group! Check out the Play Guru module for free before it closes!  Join the challenge!

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