Evan | Moo

Evan | Moo

In this episode, you'll hear from Evan, the founder of Moo - a classic burger and food joint, with a relentless focus on highlighting the purity of the ingredients, supporting local farms, and a chef-like obsession with getting the basic things right. Everything from the grass-fed beef for their burgers, the potatoes for their fries, the ice-cream for shakes, and recently even the potato buns for the sandwiches are locally and mindfully sourced. Here are some cool things you’ll hear in this episode: Evan’s mindset on business and his focus on being true to himself and remaining unique. His philosophy on hiring and taking good care of employees. His firm commitment to buying and supporting local. How he thinks of his restaurant as a canvas or a creative studio. His chef-like, meticulous preparation of the food (down to the pickle slice thickness). I think that Moo is an awesome example, of being "the best in the world". If you’re in that area of Pennsylvania, they are (in my opinion) the best in the world at classic food, made with high quality local ingredients. You'll struggle to find anywhere else to go to get an experience like that.

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